Cartagena de Indias, Colombia


Fueled by the pandemic and its import digital demands, and fueled by IoT systems and their continuously increasing data production, advanced computing architectures and platforms are emerging and dragging companies’ and societies’ attention. While data centers have expanded significantly to meet this demand, they are now grappling with energy efficiency issues and the need for better performance. Renewable energy is a promising solution that can provide local power; however, it is intermittent and requires changes in how computation and data storage are managed. Edge/Fog computing is another solution that can address latency concerns, but it often extends existing clouds without any specific principles to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This workshop aims to discuss the challenges of creating scalable computing architectures that support sustainable advanced information technology, inspired by the circular economy’s principles. Such computing architectures need to continuously optimize deployment, rethink computation, and regenerate energy to achieve sustainability.


We are targeting around 30 researchers (French and Colombian) from academia and companies with an interest in developing activities in datacenters and renewable energies.

Organization Committee

Frédéric Le Mouël CITI Lab - Univ Lyon, INSA Lyon France
Oscar Carrillo CITI Lab - Univ Lyon, CPE Lyon France
José Tiberio Hernández IMAGINE - Universidad de los Andes Colombie

Program Committee

Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernández SC3UIS-CAGE - Universidad Industrial de Santander Colombia
Lola Xiomara Bautista Rozo BIVL2ab - Universidad Industrial de Santander Colombia
Oscar Carrillo CITI Lab - Univ Lyon, CPE Lyon France
Harold E. Castro Barrera COMMIT - Universidad de los Andes Colombia
Yves Denneullin LIG Laboratory - Université de Grenoble-Alpes France
Fernando Jiménez Vargas HILES Group - Universidad de los Andes Colombia
Frédéric Le Mouël CITI Lab - Univ Lyon, INSA Lyon France
Michel Riveill I3S Laboratory - Université Côte d’Azur France
Claudia Roncancio LIG Laboratory - Université de Grenoble Alpes France
José Tiberio Hernández IMAGINE - Universidad de los Andes Colombie


CITI Lab INSA Lyon Universidad de los Andes COLIFRI 


The workshop will be held at the hotel “Corales de Indias” - Carrera 1 No 62- 198, Crespo, Cartagena Cartagena, Colombia:

Discount reservation possible at CARLA Webpage

Important Dates

Submission July, 30 2023 August, 11 2023
Notification August, 18 2023
Camera-ready October, 6 2023
Workshop September, 19 2023


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  • Regular articles should be of at least 4 pages and should not exceed 15 pages (including references)
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  • All submitted research articles will be peer-reviewed
  • Only contributions that have not been submitted elsewhere or currently under review will be considered
  • Only accepted contributions presented at the conference will be included in the proceedings
  • All articles accepted for publication will be included in Revista Colombiana de Computación journal

Articles has to be submitted to by tagging the contribution for the “(Workshop) Circular Architectures for Advanced Computing” session.


8:00 - 8:30 Welcome at Room 2 Kalamary
8:30 - 8:35 Opening - Frédéric Le Mouël, Oscar Carrillo
8:35 - 9:20 Keynote Fernando Jiménez
"Urban Renovation Plan for a Cultural and Creative District: Toward a Model of Sustainable Cities for LA"
9:20 - 10:00
Session 1
Chair: Helga Duarte
  • Road Map Proposal to Latin American Climate Simulations based on Artificial Intelligence
    Victor Martinez, Aurea Soriano-Vargas, Anderson Rocha
  • Deployment Performance In Post-Moore-Based HPC Sustainable Platforms
    Pablo Josué Rojas Yepes, Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernández, Oscar Carrillo, Frédéric Le Mouël
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 - 11:10
Session 2
Chair: Helga Duarte
  • Preliminary Study of Fenicia District Renewable Energy Production for the Design of a Green Micro Datacenter
    Frédéric Le Mouël, Fernando Jiménez, Oscar Carrillo, Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernández
  • Performance and Cost of Machine Learning Models for Seizure Detection in an Adaptive e-Health IoT platform over Edge and Fog nodes
    Gabriel Puerta, Oscar Carrillo, Frédéric Le Mouël
11:10 - 12h30 Panel Discussion with CATAÏ Partners: Exploring Project Calls
12:30 - 13:00 Conclusions and Closure


Frédéric Le Mouël
Oscar Carrillo
José Tiberio Hernández